a training program so powerful your dog will think you're reading their mind... finally!

Learn how to understand your dog and communicate with them effectively so that they listen to you the first time, even around distractions

Your dog is family. Give them the best education and take your bond to the next level

  • Training that will teach your dog how to be obedient, but also deepen your relationship
  • Communication tools that you can use with any dog to have them want to listen to you - people will wonder how you do it and call you a dog whisperer
  • Distractions? No problem. Discover why almost every dog we train struggles with distractions and new environments - and what to do about it

Did you know that in a decade of training thousands of dogs, most behaviour problems come down to one thing?

Naughty puppies, bad dogs, stubborn dogs, bad manners.

Jumping up, mouthing, pulling on the leash, destruction, chewing, digging, separation anxiety, barking, whining, anxious behaviour, reactivity.

This is just a handful of the common dog training cases I have seen since beginning my dog training career in 2010.

Owners call me feeling embarrassed, frustrated, guilty and unsure of what to do.

Time and time again I see the same cause and effect playing out like clockwork.

Unwanted behaviour comes from confused dogs.

When I arrive at the home for training sessions the dogs get so excited to see me - but it's not that I have special treats - the owner can have the same treat and the dog wants to come to me. It's something else. It's clarity.

When you learn how to be clear to your dog everything clicks for them. Anxiety washes away and the dog works with you like two partners in a dance. The best part of this is that it can be learned by anyone, no matter how frustrated you've felt about your dog's behaviour up to this point.

from chaos to canine harmony within 6 weeks

I developed this program based on working one on one with thousands of dogs and their owners. There is something almost every student says to me: "You're really training the owner!"

It's meant to be this way. By teaching you how to understand your dog and what they're trying to tell you, and how to communicate more clearly with them through my training system, it empowers you to address any behaviour problem with any dog in the future too.

Some trainers may not like this - they would like to train your dog alone, keep their secrets to themselves and hand the dog back "trained," at the end. This may seem appealing because it seems like they're doing all the work for you and you get a trained dog back in the end, like magic.

Unfortunately, this has its downfalls. Dogs strongly associate situations, environments and people to their behaviour in that specific situation. So unless you are also taught how to both understand and carry out the training, they will revert back to their home habits, and the habits they know with you.

Don't panic. Training can and should be fun and doesn't require long training sessions every day. It's the short but consistent sessions and incidental training that works its magic the most.

You can follow this program step by step, at your own pace, and your dog's pace, during the time you would spend with your dog playing and walking - because that's just what training should be like - fun and practical.

The course is based on the principles and training I have taught thousands of times to dog owners in person and online around the world. Science-based but explained in plain language, you will feel like you have a different dog within 6 weeks - in a good way!

A dog that wants to listen to you - anywhere

Here's the three core parts of the training system you will learn in this program:


Inside, you will learn the core foundations that every dog and owner need to achieve training success in any environment. Start on the right foot (paw?) by gaining a deeper understanding of how dogs learn, and how your dog can flip the clarity switch and feel like, "she finally gets me!"


You will also discover a training approach to obedience that is so much more than telling you what to do with the leash. You'll grow a deeper understanding of why you're doing it and how to get your dog to listen first time, every time.


Your dog is not just a dog, they're your family member. There's no point in training if it damages your relationship through conflict & confusion. My training system is designed to be fun and mutually beneficial. You'll be working as a team, and your bond will grow stronger for it.

What's included inside?

  • One-time purchase - keep access to the content
  • Step-by-step lessons laid out in a beneficial order and broken into bite-sized pieces
  • Video tutorials demonstrating using dogs learning in real-time
  • Written notes to accompany the video lessons

Meet your trainer - tenille williams

Hi, I'm Tenille! In case we haven't met yet, let me tell you a bit about myself and my training experience.

  • I am one of those girls that ALWAYS wanted to work with animals. I was obsessed from my toddler years and I still am.
  • I grew up working with all sorts of animals - horses, chickens, dogs, reptiles, possums, kangaroo joeys and more!
  • I worked after school at a vet clinic for a year in high school but found it wasn't for me
  • It took me a while to discover dog training as a career option but I was certified through the National Dog Trainer's Federation in 2011 and started Dog Matters the same year
  • I've completed extra training in scent detection and trick training through seminars with trainers such as Steve Austin, Emily Larlham and Dr. Jenifer Zeligs.
  • I worked with the local zoo for 7 years training dingoes, emus, cotton-top tamarins and even a spotted quoll
  • I also have a bengal cat named Skeeter who is super fun to train with too!
  • I have worked with dog owners globally and coach dog trainers too

Training students love this approach

Jaime Koh, Singapore

I came across Tenille while looking online for resources to work with my own dog. Her training tips are practical and her advice is tailored to particular cases. Even though we live in different countries, Tenille was very forthcoming with her feedback and advice. My dog and I have made great improvements since, and we’re glad to have Tenille on our team.

Christina West, Brisbane

No matter what problem I have had with my dog, Tenille has been able to help me understand the situation and find a solution that works for both myself and my dog. She is extremely knowledgable and patient, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Angela Burke, Gold Coast

Tenille is an excellent dog trainer with the dogs best interests at heart, She has a fantastic attitude with people. She is very clear and very imformitive with her instruction. I would recommend her anytime.

Who is this for?

  • People who are ready to get out there and do stuff with their dog like a team
  • If you want to achieve the kind of training that allows you and your dog more freedom to explore together - beaches, cafes, busy streets - safely and with obedience
  • If you want to learn how to understand your dog and communicate with them clearly to achieve obedience anywhere and strengthen your relationship
  • If you want your dog to learn all the traditional obedience commands but with a fun style of training, and then maybe add in some cool tricks too

Who is this not for?

  • If you expect me to wave a magic wand and fix all of your problems with your dog through the screen
  • If you aren't ready to spend quality time with your dog while improving their behaviour
  • If you aren't willing to make any rules or changes to help your dog to succeed with their behaviours



You'll receive:

  • Full step-by-step dog training program in e-learning format (this same program sells in person starting at $2000)
  • All the Dog Matters Training ebooks are included as a bonus when you buy today (value $100)
  • BONUS Intro To Trick Training module (value $150) learn target training, using the clicker, spin, blow bubbles and get started with scent work - all of this gives your dog an amazing brain challenge and enrichment plus another bonding training activity you can do together

Total value: $2250

Your one time payment today: $149 usd


How long do I have access to the course materials?

You only pay once, and keep lifetime access to the materials - this means that your access to the training portal will remain for the lifetime of the product's existence. You can log in and access the materials any time.

How long do I need to train my dog for each day?

There is no set requirement but you might be glad to know that dogs learn best in short training sessions where you leave them wanting more. Formal training sessions can be 5-30 minutes worth per day. Two 5 minute sessions per day can work wonders. You will also learn how to understand dog psychology and reinforce training principles in your day-to-day life. We call this incidental training and it does a lot towards our progress even without setting aside a lot of formal training time.

Do you use harsh training methods? Will me dog get stuck relying on treats as bribes?

No, and no. Our training follows the LIMA principle - least intrusive, minimally aversive. This means that we always use rewards-based methods first, and always train the dog what we do want them to do if there's something we are training them not to do. We are also not permissive and treat dogs like dogs, not human babies. A family member as a dog in its own right - that's what makes dogs so amazing.

We are never heavy-handed but we do believe in boundaries and rules for dogs to live a harmonious life with them with clear communication.

As for treats - we use them but they are not the only way to reward your dog either. The training phase can use a lot of treats but when the dog knows their task, the course will show you the next step - how to phase out your treats and avoid becoming reliant on them.

i'm so excited to train together and i can't wait to hear about how your dog transforms

I'm so excited that you're here - it means you are committed to giving your dog the best possible training and education in life. That makes me so happy because I have seen the difference it can make to your dog's happiness, and to your life as the owner too. Living with dogs is meant to be fun - let's have some fun training together!

Another Block Of Testimonials

Aaron & Anita Day, Bundaberg

Tenille helped with our crazy Labrador puppy who loved our kids just a little too much and jumped all over them ! Now they can play outside with him and enjoy his company! We can’t thank Tenille enough for showing us the foundations of manners for Tonka 😀

Brydie Charlesworth, Albury

Tenille is an amazing trainer who knows her stuff. Highly recommend her services to anyone needing any type of guidance for them and their dog.

Lesa H, Australia

Tenille, I am really excited about this training course! This online model you have is exceptional on many levels. Your videos are well done and very helpful. The videos that we do for homework are great tools for learning. I love that we can go at our own pace, and don’t have to rearrange our schedules or take time off work like you do with weekend dog seminars. I am getting so much more out of this than I thought possible!

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